HEDRON CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT CORP. is a SEC registered construction company. Continuing the legacy built by Northland MC, a duly licensed PCAB Contractor, its clients belong to the Philippines’ Top 1000 Firms.

In over 10 years, the foundation of HEDRON’s experience was established from taking on construction related business such as the hauling of filling materials, trading aggregates and the fabrication of concrete road barriers. Moving on, it gained substantial trust from its client as it venture into various construction projects such as excavation, site development, pipe laying, fabrication, equipment rental, fire protection and sanitary/plumbing, and other civil works. This leap in the business’s portfolio inspired the General Manager/Owner to continue expansion, and heed the call of becoming a corporation. Hence, the humble beginning of a single proprietorship company gives birth to HEDRON CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT CORP.

Hedron was established in 2009 and is now a holder of PCAB License under Category A of General Building. The company is registered with the Philippine Overseas Construction Board since 2015.

The Company is currently venturing into the production of Concrete Precast Wall Panels. The Company is in partnership with a seasoned production engineer who has 30 years of experience in Precast Operations from a prestigious company. The continuing growth of the company enhanced its ambition to venture in overseas projects as labour contractor/manpower supplier. The company intends to gain prominence in the international market particularly in the Middle East and Asia Pacific.